Memorial Day Shooting in Dolores has neighbors looking for answers

I thought we stopped the gangs and guns in the park.  I am quite certain that all of us Mission Dolores neighborhood residents and organizations are worried, upset, and disappointed about the re-appearance of gun violence in the Dolores Park area.  The brazen daylight shooting in the midst of Mission Carnival and Memorial Day weekend is an offense to all of us.  It violates our sense of safety, community, and empathy.  I feel hurt, worried, and am inclined to give up. 

While we applaud the fast response of the police after the shooting – we are asking:  What can we do better? What can the city do better?

  • What happened to the two dedicated park rangers in the park?  We have only one left and no backup.  One of rangers left the force last year and we still do not have a replacement.  Not even a temporary one.  When our lone ranger is sick, takes a break, or is assigned to other duties – there is no one watching the park, even in the summer months and weekends! The Dolores Park Ambassadors have been asking politely for months for the department to fill this vacancy.
  • What happened to the continual police presence around the park? Did they not notice the large group of people wandering in, one or more apparently carrying guns? How far away was the police officer?
  • Did the newly installed security cameras catch the incident? Is there footage of the group coming into the park?


We cannot directly intervene when it comes to stopping violence.  However, we can and must help prevent violence and build an enjoyable community.

 We can you do?

  • Be good stewards and take ownership of our streets, parks, and our neighborhood
  •  Be aware, help out, and connect with each other
  • Help the city agencies in their tasks to deliver services efficiently and transparently.  Dolores Park Ambassadors are dedicated to holding the city accountable.

We are requesting an immediate update on city services in our area and regular meetings and reporting.

  • Crime reports and crime enforcement, details by street and date
  • 311 calls and follow ups, details by street and date
  • Update on security enforcement in and around the park (park rangers, toilet guards, and cleaning)
  • Input into health and safety plans for PRIDE, Halloween, and other mass events impacting our neighborhood.
  • Input into plans to monitor and manage the hundreds homeless folks living in our streets and parks.

Thank you for your time- Dolores Park Ambassadors

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Rec & Park Goes All In with #LoveDolores Campaign

“It’s a new park and a new way of park management”, Rec and Park trumpeted in April  And yes, this is a big turnaround in the way our parks department manages Dolores. They are now very engaged.  After much internal discussion and consultation with City officials; so I heard, the department has launched a major new plan. There are now two new Park Patrol officers assigned every weekend, new trash cans (to be deployed on June 18), a Recology funded and staffed recycling station and a big outreach/ public awareness campaign, #LoveDolores. The department is committed to fund and staff the recycling Pop-Up and the #Love Dolores Campaign through September.

Dolores sneak peek

Dolores sneak peek


Dolores Parks Works is proud to be a Campaign Partner in the #LoveDolores campaign.  and we will be out in the park the first weekend of the newly renovated North End.

  • #LoveDolores Outreach
  • Sunday, June 21
  • 2 to 4 P.M.
  • 19th and Dolores Street Plaza

Please join your fellow Dolores Park stewards, on the ground and in the park representing the campaign. We plan to meet with and inform park patrons of the new trash plan, the Pop-Up recycling station, our new restrooms and ask everyone to take the pledge to Love Dolores.

By joining the community effort to support positive change at Dolores Park, to meet, inform, and urge park users to “Love Dolores” through positive and responsible park behavior you are part of the change.

rsvp to


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Fighting for a Clean Safe and Fun Park

Dolores Park Works Summer Celebration is today, Saturday and we have only few tickets remaining. Tickets will be available on-line till noon today. The remaining tickets can be purchased at the door as space allows. So far, our campaign has raised $2,700 towards our goal $3,000.

All money raised goes to our Dolores volunteer clean ups, the “Respect the Park” campaign and advocacy for a Safe, Clean and Fun Dolores Park. All contributions are tax-deductible. Your money supports:

Park Clean Ups – In 2013, we organized and hosted 12 volunteer lead clean ups of Dolores Park. That’s 430 hours of donated park maintenance. This season we are planning even more clean up events. With your help, we are launching a regular monthly Dolores Park volunteer day and will continue to reach out to local businesses, schools and social organizations for their invaluable help.

Marriott Hotels Bay Area Team pitching in.

Marriott Hotels Bay Area Team pitching in.

Park Advocacy – We advocated and petitioned for the first semi-permanent port-o-potties to help supplement the failing toilets of Dolores back in 2009. And we will be there when we cut the ribbon on the two new high-capacity restrooms in 2015. We have worked with SF Rec and Park from the inception of the Dolores renovation project and we will continue to monitor and steward Dolores even after the ribbon cutting on our new park.

Groundbreaking for the Park Renovation.

Groundbreaking for the Park Renovation.


Park Respect– Dolores Parks Works is working with Rec and Park on a campaign to get out our message of a sustainable park, “Pack it in and Pack it out!”


Kimberly Kiefer and David Burnet, SF Rec and Park Volunteer Services

Kimberly Kiefer and David Burnet, SF Rec and Park Volunteer Services


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Love Dolores Community Day

We invite you to participate in a dog focused Community Day, Sunday  Aug 26, from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Dolores Park Works and Dolores Ambassadors  are partnering with the Love Dolores program of the City’s Rec and Park department to produce this celebration of dogs. We will have photo booth, prizes and canine swag. It will be great fun to meet with many of the dog lovers of the neighborhood and introduce folks to the Dolores Park Ambassadors.
Please rsvp here if you are able to help out!

We need volunteers to staff the photo booth. There are two shifts, morning and afternoon, or be a roaming ambassador, walk around the park, engage visitors and teach the Leave No Trace principles-

BRING CANS INSTEAD OF GLASS: avoid our beloved bare-pawed pets getting hurt.
DON’T LITTER:  includes cigarette butts as pets and other animals can eat them.
PICK UP THE POOP: We’ll have compostable waste bags to pass out.

We won’t need your pets to attend — we just want you to advocate for them. But you’re absolutely welcome to bring a dog if they like meeting people! Meet us at the Love Dolores booth in the Southeast Dog-Play Area.

Community Day

Sunday August 26 

Dolores Park South off-leash Dog Area

10 AM to 12 PM and again 2  to 4 PM

Let’s keep our park clean, safe, and fun.

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Help Celebrate Earth Day in Dolores

Sunday, is Earth Day and Dolores Parks Works  and The Dolores Park Ambassadors have partnered up with Rec and Park and the Love Dolores folks for three days of service in the park. Thursday we will kickoff with the now famous Dolores Garden Club, 10 AM to noon. We bring the Flower Power to Dolores.

Saturday and Sunday is the Love Dolores Celebration. The Ambassadors will join a lineup of community stars, Cheer SF, the City’s official cheerleaders; Dolores Flow, they bring flags, hoops and balls; Velocity Circus, magical theatre on the move and the Bridgemen, gay-bi-trans men’s social service volunteers. We also expect a great turnout from the local Dolores community, the Bike Polo club, Giant Bubble crew, Robot Dance Party, and our local merchants doing what they do best. Can you taste the ice-cream? Plus special guests, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Not seen regularly in Dolores since they decamped for Golden Gate Park.

Earth Day Celebration begins at 2 and runs till 6 PM both Saturday and Sunday. It will take place throughout Dolores Park.
We need your help! Simple gardening tasks on Thursday. Families and children welcome.
Saturday and Sunday help throughout the park with logistics and spreading the good work of the day, Don’t Trash Dolores, Use the Can!
RSVP to 

Please check in at the Love Dolores tent, in the South Field above the Children’s Playground.

#EarthDay #LoveDolores #LeaveNoTrash

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Park Department Celebrates Volunteers

Join your fellow Dolores Park Works Volunteers to celebrate all our hard work and contributions this year (or years past) at Rec and Parks annual Volunteer Appreciation Party!  This year’s fete will feature a catered lunch, an art exhibit, live entertainment and fresh produce courtesy of Alemany Farm and & In Chan Kaajal Community Garden! 

  • Saturday, November 4, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • The County Fair Building, 1199 9th Avenue. (in Golden Gate Park at the entrance to the San Francisco Botanical Garden)

We look forward to seeing you there!”

RSVP here-

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A Day Without Glass

Saturday, November 5, noon to 4 pm will be a ”Day without Glass in the Park”.  The Dolores Park Ambassadors and Love Dolores campaign will be at the 19th and Dolores Street entrance with the message, “broken glass should not be in our parks”. Glass can break especially if carelessly discarded. Broken glass is a preventable hazard to play.
Park advocates are beginning to see significant successes from our activities. Police and Park Ranger presence have increased, trash pickups have improved, and Rec and Park is installing security cameras.
If we want to see continued improvement in our park, we need your help. We need a visible neighborhood presence in the park. Can you join us for an hour or two?  Please let us know, so we have a strong presence on “A day without Glass”.

Here is a flyer you can print and post on billboards, give to your neighbors, or put up in a neighborhood café.

Thank you for being a Dolores Park Ambassador!
Hans Kolbe, Robert Brust, Don Bruce
Dolores Park Ambassadors


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