Recycling Station Lands at Dolores

“Staff and volunteers at the popup will separate beverage containers, pizza boxes and other items discarded from picnics into separate metal bins designated for recycling, compost and trash.”
Did you just say pizza?

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Dolores Park Volunteer Day this Saturday

The Dolores Park Volunteers will be out in the park this Saturday, 2 PM. We are especially motivated by the joint project of San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and Recology, the Eco Pop Up. Now it should be easy to compost and recycle your Dolores trash. This new trash effort launched last weekend, allows visitors to deposit compostable and recyclable trash curbside.
Staff and volunteers at the pop-up separate beverage containers, pizza boxes and other items into separate metal bins. The pop-up will be open from noon to 8 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at least through this summer according to Rec and Park officials.

The department is putting a lot of renewed energy into an effort to protect the soon to open renovated park and prevent damage or outright vandalism. The current social environment will not be quickly changed.

What I see is the Parks Department after years of paralysis finally trying to craft a maintenance and operation plan for Dolores. Now is the time to work with the City as they step up and try a new approach to manage an increasingly larger weekend party scene. we need to support them.

Dolores Park Volunteer Day
Saturday, April 25
2 to 5 PM
Meet up at Helen Diller Playground entrance.

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New Park Service Group Promotes a Cleaner Dolores.

At our Dolores Volunteers Clean-up on Thursday I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Rogers, one of the founder of Friends of Dolores Park.
Today at 3pm the Friends will host their second clean up. I will be there and I hope to see you there as well. This is a new group but their goals and strategy are very much the same as our’s, “park advocacy and service, celebrating, preserving and enhancing Dolores Park for all her diverse patrons since 2009.”
Let’s do this!

the friends 1st clean up

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And the Work Goes On!

The Marriott Hotels group, Dolores Park Works and Rec & Park will team up tomorrow, 1PM for our first Dolores Volunteer Day of the season.

So shinny and new yet, very familiar.

So shiny and new! Yet, so familiar.

There has been a lot of talk lately about trash and respect for Dolores. But we know that the best cure for all of Dolores’ troubles is to shut up and pick up some trash.  We are expecting a nice afternoon with a good group from the hospitality industry, Rec & Park staff and our Dolores Volunteers. Please join us.

Meet us at the entrance to the playground.

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Park renovation moving ahead despite vandalism

Despite recent setbacks construction at Dolores Park is moving ahead.
Important highlights include:

  • The North Restroom is 99% complete. New toilets, sinks, and hand dryers have all been installed.
  • The clubhouse will start demolition on Monday, and will last about 1 month.  The construction fences have shifted in order to include a safe and secure perimeter around the building during this demolition.
  • Operations Building is complete and the Rec & Park team is moving in.
  • Final stretches of pathways will be paved in the next one to two weeks.
  • Site lighting is almost complete, and site signs and furnishings will be installed shortly.


The vandalism on Valentines weekend caused about $100,000 in damage and will likely delay the reopening of the north side of the park.  The majority of the damage was incurred when the vandals hot-wired the construction equipment and drove across the newly installed turf and concrete, damaging the equipment, the new grass lawn, and portions of newly-placed concrete that hadn’t fully cured.  The vandals broke portions of the irrigation system, crashed into building and site walls, and started a fire in the new maintenance yard.  Two arrests were made by the SF Police Department. The contractor is still assessing the damage and the ramifications to the project’s schedule.

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