Dolores Park South Side is Open

Shortly before dawn this morning contractors began taking down and hauling away the construction fence from the South side of Dolores. We couldn’t be happier. Early birds walking the dog or out for some fitness were surprised to see the fence gone and quickly took to the lawn.

Dolores Park opening day

The official opening day ceremony will be this evening, Wednesday January 27, 4 PM to 7.

Feel free to wear your glow in the dark gear. We’d love for you to come help celebrate Rec and Park told us, “One of the most beautiful things about Dolores is how many people and groups come out to enjoy the park in their own way. For this opening, we want to invite all of the groups that Love Dolores to come out and celebrate. The theme will be “Light Up Dolores” as there will be a major light-up element in the dark of winter.”

Dolores Park Works looking forward to celebrating the opening of Dolores Park with you. Hope to see you all there!


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Movie Night Tonight

The final Film Nights in the Park will be tonight, Saturday September 26 at Dolores Park. The featured film? Back to the Future. The show is expected to start a little early (short Fall days), 7:15 pm.

Remember #LoveDolores. Leave the bottles at home and bring a can. Pack it in, pack it out.

back to the future poster 2

For a comprehensive list of fun, free or cheap things to do in the Bay Area (including all the outdoor movies) check out Fun & Cheap SF. Johnny has them all.

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The Dolores Park Pride plan was a complete fail

The Dolores Park Pride plan was a complete fail this year. We have done much better in the past. Dolores Parks Works was out in the this morning helping our park gardeners pick up trash. This was not the plan.
Dolores Park is now a major nexus for celebrating Pride and needs a well funded plan for trash control and security. From the little I have been able to learn, that the key is funding. Last year the Dyke March found a sponsor to fund a clean-up on Saturday. 
The park looked great. But there was no plan or organized effort for the following Sunday, Pride and The park was trashed.

This year I heard the Dyke March funding fell short and a clean up team was put in place literally days before the event. A much small and inadequate team. It is all well and good when these things happen behind closed doors and work well, but when there is a major fail we need to ask questions. 

Pride, to keep this discussion focused, is supposed to be a City wide civic celebration. Yet less and less of the City, civic leaders and the LGBT Community step up to support and fund a plan to adequately host this celebration.   This is not a Rec and Park problem, this is not the Dyke March’s fault. The City and it’s leaders need to step up. 


Make no mistake, Dolores Park is a significant piece of this celebration (along with Pink Saturday) And the park needs to have a plan and proper funding for the entire three day celebration. 

The Fourth of July is Saturday and the City needs a clear plan to protect the park and the neighborhood now.

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We are all DYKES Today

The San Francisco Dyke March's photo.

The Dykes are here again and its time to put on your marching, no walking shoes.  Say what? Yes the San Francisco Dyke March is here again and will be Saturday, June 27.  So come on out and enjoy the gathering at Dolores Park starting at noon.

Ah but remember, the real fun starts at 3:30 pm with the march. It is that time to show off your costumes and fancy moves.

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North Half Ready

June 12 Rec and Park lead a tour of the newly renovated north side of Dolores and she looked great. New benches, new flowers, new grand path, more palm trees, fabulous restrooms and the lawn…a gourgous green carpet of a lawn, hiding fancy irrigation and drains. Here are some great photos from Mission Local’s Laura Wenus and a great video segment from Maureen Kelly, KRON4 news.

North field with the new restrooms on the left and Mission High in the rear.

North field with the new restrooms on the left and Mission High behind the blue tennes courts.

Jake Gilchrist, project manager on the new lawn.

Jake Gilchrist, project manager on the new lawn.

new benches, new restrooms

New restrooms, new benches and new paths.


New paths, new benches and new restrooms.


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