Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

2009 was monumental for many reasons. We elected our first African-American president – then he won the Nobel Prize for Peace. NASA found water on the moon.Senator Edward Kennedy, The King of Pop, Norman E. BorlaugPatrick Swayze, Walter Kronkite, and Farrah Fawcett died. Apple released its new MacBook Pro. The first Latina woman took her seat on the Supreme Court. US Airways Flight 1549 landed safely in the Hudson River. Swine Flu mania came, went, got renamed, came back, and then went away again, or did it? And then there is our favorite news story of the year, Dolores Park Works was born.

Dolores Park is not just a park, she is the confluence of all the things we love about San Francisco.

It is at Dolores Park that dog owners, kids, hula hoopers, hipsters, yuppies, bears, Scrabble players, Tai Chi practioners, professional picnickers, Frisbee throwers, and tennis and basketball players get together, people watch, and enjoy a day in the park in peaceful harmony (mostly).

SF Symphony in Dolores Park

SF Symphony in the Park, Courtesy of Steve Rhodes

It is here that you can sit with your neighbors and watch “Breakfast Club” on the big screen, become enchanted by the SF Symphony, swoon over the Ferocious Few, and laugh with the SF Mime Troupe. A day in Dolores Park is what San Francisco is all about.

Unfortunately, you can’t experience the highs without experiencing the lows. With all of these wonderful moments come an abundance of litter, piles of trash, disgusting bathrooms, doggie waste – and human for that matter, and graffiti. Plus, we have an overworked and underfunded Rec and Parks team that struggles to address these issues, plus the park’s infrastructure, such as the sprinkler system, basketball and tennis courts, bathrooms, and gardening.

A Park Patron's Birthday Celebration

A Park Patron's Birthday Celebration

It is safe to say that the majority of Dolores Park lovers would prefer to increase the positive experiences and eliminate the negative ones.
Dolores Park Works was started to do just that.

Our mission is to celebrate our park by improving and preserving the natural beauty, culture, and infrastructure, and instilling pride and responsibility in her diverse patrons.

We are fans, not hall monitors. We encourage you to enjoy your day in the park however you want, just leave no trace, respect your neighbor’s rights, and if you can, volunteer for a clean up once in a while, and let us know how we can improve your experience at Dolores Park.

Finally, what’s a better way to start the new year than by saying thank you to our wonderful volunteers that have come out to help us clean up. THANK YOU!

We invite you to pay homage to the lovely Dolores Park, who gave us many merry memories in 2009 by joining us on January 17 as we gather again to spruce up the lovely park for the new year.

Until then, we hope you had a great close to 2009, and wish you a year of abundant health, mucho wealth, intoxicating joy, and countless memories of glorious days spent in Dolores Park.

With love,

Dolores Park Works

Photo Attribution: Park Patron’s Birthday

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