Dolores Park Gets a Mini-Makeover

We recently asked Rec&Park (RPD) to make a few improvements in the park and they answered! In particular, the need for more garbage receptacles and the repair of the park’s turf. Here are some of the improvements recently made or pending:

New Trash Bins - Be careful where you park!

1. More trash receptacles. RPD recently installed a number of 4-can pods of concrete trash receptacles along the Dolores Street, including blue ones for recyclables (plastic, cans, glass). Be sure to note that a 4-foot red strip has been painted on the adjoining curb and two white lines have been painted on the street to signal to car owners that a change had been made. This ensures that Sunset Scavenger has access. Woo Hoo! No more trash piled on the ground next to an overflowing trash can!

Our new gateway

2. Landscaping at 18th & Dolores. Our gateway should sparkle and welcome everyone to Dolores Park, don’t you think? It’s gone from a dirt patch to beautifully landscaped with irrigation.Within a year, the plants will fill in and grace this corner with colorful plants. RPD will also soon re-seed the bare spots around 18th and 19th and Dolores.

Made by Everett Middle School Students

3. New signage. Have you noticed the hand-painted Litter-Me-Not signs on the main steps at 19th & Dolores? Eight grade students in Paula Ginsburg’s Special Ed class at Everett Middle School made these signs for us. You can also see them all around Everett Middle School, Mission High School, the tennis courts, and now at the main entrance to Dolores Park. Just a friendly reminder to well, not litter.

4. BigBelly trash compactor. See the full post here. We are hoping that this innovative new trash compactor will be installed at 18th & Dolores.

5. Irrigation fix. Historically, one of the most vexing problems in Dolores Park has been the crazy irrigation system. It’d shoot straight up or only on one side – basically, it wasn’t getting the watering done and wasting a precious resource. With the rainy season, this problem isn’t very evident, but RPD has already made headway in fixing the system, and of course, when the park is fully renovated in the next few years, the entire system will be revamped.

A big thanks to Bob Palacio, Adrian Field and the team at Rec & Parks for making these important improvements to our beloved Dolores Park!

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my requests to put a parking garage under Dolores Park have gone unanswered...


Nice job. Those trash cans have been needed for awhile. Wonder what it would take to improve the restroom situation at the park.