72 Degrees: The Dolores Park Summer Warm-up

Join us on May 1 from 10:00-5:00 for our first annual event 72 Degrees, the perfect temperature for a San Francisco summer day in the park.

Bring your hoop, your empty stomach and friends.

Come shake off 50 degrees of winter and warm up to long, languid afternoons in Dolores Park with your friends, neighbors and lovers, and to some hopefully hot May sunshine – all served Dolores-style.

We’ll start the day off right at 10:00 with a summer cleaning of the park with the Black Rock City DPW Playa Restoration Crew.  For dog lovers, Dolores Park Dogs will be also out in force and will have a contest to see who can collect the most trash. The winner will receive a gift basket from Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods. Come help us get the park spick and span and ready for the day’s festivities.

There will be a taste of street food in the park with La Cocina food vendors: Coconut and Spice, Los Cilantros, Estrellita’s Snacks, and Zella’s Soulful Kitchen, and baked treats from Bi-Rite Market.

Sister Tammy fae Bakkersfield

Sister Tammy fae Bakkersfield of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will bless the park and the summer season and offer some color to the day’s activities. Plus there will be special appearances by Supervisor Bevan Dufty, new RPD Dolores Park Renovation Project Manager Jake Gilchrist, and more!

Bianchi Fitness and bodyFi will help you get ready to strip down in public by offering you fun, new ways to huff and puff.

And for those with wee ones, the Friends of Dolores Park Playground will be there with face painting, free balloons and for the adults, the model of the new playground.

Wait, there’s more. Park prizes! Yep, you heard it hear first. We’ll have drawings for gift certificates to some of you favorite haunts: Dolores Park CafePuerto Alegre, Due Drop In, Delfina, Edgewise Arts, and Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods.  And we’re setting up the croquet and bocce ball!

Park prize tickets are free, but as this is also a fundraiser, we are going to be hitting you up for a donation or six. Those port-a-potties don’t pay for themselves.

The name says it all.

We would be very remiss if we didn’t say a big GIANT THANK YOU to our other event sponsors: Bi-Rite Market, Rhea’s Market & Deli, and Realtor Naomi Lempert Lopez.

Finally, this is a Leave No Trace event as is every day in the park. The park will start the day clean and we’d like if it we all left it that way.  No MOOP please.

More details to follow in upcoming blog posts. Stay tuned!