The 19th & Dolores Street Debate

Or could you call it a debacle? Hard to say. We have been trying to get MTA’s Traffic Calming Department to address this situation. Come to find out, we’re a little late to the game. It’s been an ongoing discussion for years – try 2006.

Crossing can be tricky

Regardless, it seems to be coming to a head this week. Mission Local called me for a quote on the intersection just yesterday and ran an article today that has gotten over a hundred responses on SF Gate. It’s a hot topic people! I’m amazed at how we can be so divided: pedestrians should just watch out, driving destroys the planet, bicyclists suck, my baby and i almost got run over. You get the picture.

Below just might be the answer. Alex and Bevan Dufty’s office is trying to find out the status for us, but it seems the Planning Commission has been a bit busy today. Regardless dear  folks, what do YOU think? So far, we’re a fan.

Proposed street scape for 19th & Dolores

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