19th Street Fix Update

STOP sign is a no-go.

So we’ve officially heard from SFMTA on traffic calming measures for 19th and Dolores. I received a letter this weekend from Thomas Folks, Senior Engineer with SFMTA. They have conducted their investigation on adding a STOP sign and a traffic signal at the dangerous 19th & Dolores. Both are out.

A STOP sign is not appropriate because:

“STOP signs are primarily used to define right-of-way where it may be unclear. This intersection is presently controlled by a STOP sign on 19th [on Cumberland], thus vehicles on this street must stop and yield…installation of an all-way STOP could also lead to incomplete stops and increase potential for rear-end and collisions.”

As for traffic signals, they are a no-go because they apparently are not warranted and there is no money for it anyway:

“The evaluation is based on state and federal guidelines, and considers a multitude of factors including intersection geometry, traffic composition and volumes, pedestrian activity, and collision history. …Pedestrian and 19th Street traffic volumes are below what would typically be required to justify signalization….There are many prioritized intersections in the City currently waiting to be signalized with limited funding.”

So the solution for now is what is provided here. SFMTA is in strong support for the SF Planning Department’s Mission Streetscape Plan, mentioned here. They also suggest that speeding an noncompliance (not stopping for peds) is best controlled by rigorous police enforcement, which SFMTA is asking of the police department.

More on to come.


totally pro cops pulling over cars who don't stop. it has happened to me in massachusetts and damn, you sure do stop after that. and it is the way it should be, you know, cars not in such a rush that they are ok with killing someone.