Making Their Case: Weekend Sun=Trashed Park

The sun is out and I’m so happy that you had fun in dear ol’ Dolores Park. Really. But hey, how about picking up after yourselves?

Hope you had fun!

Leaving a big pile of crap is making the case for the “No Alcohol/No Smoking” signs and for increased police presence.

Is it really to much to ask that you pick up your Bi-Rite & Whole Food bags and put them in the trash can? Apparently it is.

Here’s a lesson: The trash goes IN the trash can, not on, under, around, beside, next to, beneath, above…

If the trash can is full, then you must take your trash home or dump it in an empty trash can (preferably  one owned by the city and not a neighbors).

Trashed Trash Cans

Look, park patrons’, I’m your biggest fan. I really want you to be able to enjoy yourself any way you want to, but you’ve got leave no trace. Ya know, pack it in pack it out. Let’s try again this weekend shall we?

Also, just to throw it out there again, please come to the community meeting on Wednesday, September 1, 6-8 pm at Mission High School cafeteria. You can yell at me there all you want.

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