No Smoking or Drinking in Dolores Park? Bah.

New Signs Stress Zero Tolerance of Smoking or Alcohol

Dolores Park Work’s ambitious mission is to improve and preserve Dolores Park’s beauty on behalf of her diverse, fun-loving patrons. To this end, Dolores Park Works has advocated for and succeeded in placing more in-park garbage and recycling bins, placing portable public toilets on bustling summer weekends and leading numerous volunteer park clean-ups.

That said, Dolores Park Works did not advocate for nor review these particular signs before they appeared via SF Rec and Park. As Chair of the Dolores Park Works Steering Committee, I question the sign’s efficacy as a response to the recent horrific violence that unquestionably demands an effective coordinated city gov, police and community response. Simply put, casual day-time drinking and smoking has scant correlation to violent late-night crime. Additionally, the distorted, contextless “Please help keep Dolores Park Clean” and conspicuously missing attribution and emergency contact information further discredit and undermine its marginal utility.

On the flip, the sign’s reminder that the park closes from 10pm to 6am everyday is indeed helpful with respect to stemming violent crime. Perhaps the sign’s designer should have started and ended there.

With respect to a coordinated effective response to the violence, Crystal Vann Wallstrom, Dolores Park Works Advocacy Director, is following-up with police and city government and posting factual and community-centric response editorial posts on this blog. If you haven’t, please subscribe via email (in the sidebar) or RSS and follow @dpworks on Twitter so you don’t miss an update.

What do you think of these signs? Let us know in the comments.

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About Rob Lord

Dolores Park Works Co-founder, Steering Committee Member

I'm very glad that DPW has stated their position on the signs - way cool - I hope to see a change/removal soon, and truly appreciate all that you are doing to try to keep the park clean and attractive.

I hope we never come to a point where there is 'after-hours' enforcement vis-a-vis park rules - I know I walk through the park at night on a regular basis (I'm on 20th st), and I've enjoyed watching the Peregrine falcons in the trees in the wee hours of the AM...

- Mike