9/27 Community Meeting Regarding Food Vendors in the Park

Note: We love Blue Bottle Coffee and La Cocina! This is not about them specifically, but rather RPD’s lack of outreach.

As a result of discussion at the community meeting on Monday regarding food vendors in the park and the complete lack of outreach to park patrons from RPD, I and some other community members went before the Rec and Park Commission to ask for a hold on all food vendor permits for Dolores Park until the community has a chance to weigh in. I found out last night, that our request was approved. Here is some background info.

Our position is not: No food carts in Dolores Park. Our position is: The community-at-large has a right to have a say in what happens in their park and should be involved in the decision making process regarding significant changes.  What solution this results in is TBD.

For those that think this is a complete waste of time, I ask, “Would you be happy if RPD went ahead with the park renovation without consulting you?” This is no different. The potential impact for Dolores Park is big. For example, do you really want the cops called on the Tamale Lady? As the guidelines for vendors are written now – this should happen.

I have been in contact with La Cocina staff regarding all of this. I have promised to be forthright and to do everything I can to resolve this situation as quickly as possible. I have made the same commitment to RPD. My next call is to Blue Bottle.

We have organized a community meeting with RPD to discuss this in greater detail. It will be held on 9/27 at 7:00 at Dolores Park Church. EVERYONE is invited to attend. I hope this later meeting time will make it easier for people to attend.

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