Agenda for Tonight’s Community Meeting

Community Meeting Agenda Wednesday, September 27, 2010
Dolores Park Church
7:00-8:30 PM

7:00  Welcome & Opening Remarks
7:04  Meet Your Neighbor
7:07  Meeting Ground Rules
7:08  Agenda Review & Meeting Structure
7:10  Introductions of Panel
Vicki Bell, NPC
7:15   RPD Opening Remarks
Phil Ginsburg, Rec and Park
Nicole Avril, Rec and Park
Nick Kinsey, Rec and Park
7:50  Vendor Opening Remarks
Caleb Zigas, La Cocina
Mike Hamm, Blue Bottle
8:00  Questions/Comments from Community
8:20  Next steps/Agreements
8:25  Closing

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Guest Poster
Guest Poster

Hey, why does the pushcart RFP say that the vendor is responsible for all garbage within 150 feet while, at Dolores, they're only cleaning within 100 feet?

And...also....the RFP mentions that the pushcarts need to be within 200 feet of a functional bathroom and handwashing site to provide appropriate sanitary options for the cart employees (and safety for the customers).

Where are the employees gonna go when they gotta go and there's only some porta-potties around?