Another 19th Street Fix Update

We heard from Manito Velasco, an engineer with SFMTA at the community meeting last week about the traffic calming measures that were taken to improve pedestrian safety at the intersection of 19th and Dolores.
We learned that SFMTA is not opposed to stop signs but want to first test the ensure that the yield approach had been thoroughly tested. Why? Stop signs are a drastic measure.
We also learned that traffic signals had a snowballs chance of getting approved due to the $350k ticket price and that SFMTA only gets funded to do 5-6 a year. Our intersection just doesn’t rate high on the need list.
SFMTA is going to evaluate the new traffic calming measures for the next 2-3 months to determine if the changes were enough and if not, what the appropriate next steps are. I’ve got an appointment in my calendar to call Manito on November 1 to find out how things are going.

In the meantime, I’ll be checking in with Manito to see how if the evaluators are observing the intersection on weekends. They currently only observe M-F. Doesn’t really offer the same experience as the weekend eh?
(Photos provided by Manito at SFMTA)

Before, Southbound

After, Southbound

Before, Northbound

After, Northbound

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Wait -- what's the difference? Is it that there are bigger triangles on the street? Do white triangles on the pavement mean yield?