Blue Bottle Pulls Plug on Park Plan

Blue Bottle founder James Freeman has announced he will not move forward with plans to bring his award-winning coffee to Dolores Park.

Blue Bottle at the Ferry Building

Talks were underway for months and the coffee truck had been retrofitted and is ready to be delivered, but organized community opposition from a small segment of park patrons has soured Freeman on the idea of a cart in Dolores Park. “I wanted the cart to be charming and innocuous, and it was proving to be neither,” Freeman told SF Weekly. “It’s a shame, really. It’s a little trailer ― it’s not like we were planning a battery factory.”

The story broke this afternoon when Freeman told Bay Citizen reporter, Reyhan Harmanci of his intentions not to pursue this opportunity, “I don’t need this controversy,”  Freeman said.

Uptown Alamanc‘s Kevin Montgomery blogs that this a pyrrhic victory, “[Chicken John] sure did imply that he and his army of Laughing Squid pendejos would be out there assaulting them.” And added, “This wasn’t the way to win.”

Blue Bottle's sketch of their new trailer.

Blue Bottle's sketch of their new trailer.

Local resident Alex Chaffee recently launched a Facebook page in support of Blue Bottle and other vendors in the park.

Perhaps the Coffee Wars ain’t over yet?

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Can I ask when SF Foodie blogs become the precedent for getting public knowledge... I am sorry if I don't read it, or the Chronicle religiously. This reads like everyone in the Dolores Park area should have known about this, why didn't they send out a mailer, post a sign or mention this at the renovation meetings... seem like an appropriate thing to ask? And who is this Alex Chaffee guy??