Petition Circulates to Prevent Commercialization of Dolores Park

Mission Dolores local resident and business owner Michael McConnell and “concerned citizens of the neighborhood” have authored and posted an online petition directed at the Rec and Parks Dept to prevent the commercialization of Dolores Park.

I asked Michael McConnell for his bio to help others better understand his motivations. Here’s his response.


I don’t know how important the background info is…
I have lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and have owned a business there for 8.
my issue has more to do with the saturation of the park then any competitive slant.
I think of parks as green space, a break from the over packed city. I don’t think its necessary to have commerce everywhere you turn…. what kind of lesson is that for future generations?

For what it’s worth, Dolores Park Works solely takes positions on topics essential to all park patrons such as bathrooms and trash removal. However, we are grateful and supportive of park patrons, merchants and neighbors organizing to have their concerns and interests heard by the community and city government. In that spirit, great work Michael!

If someone would be so kind as to fact-check his petition’s facts section in the comments here or elsewhere, especially a representative from Rec and Parks Department, that would be significantly helpful to the dialogue.

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Dolores Park Works Co-founder, Steering Committee Member

Don't like the blurb on the petition, about McDonald's n such, find it a bit strident and silly - BUT I still don't want commercial enterprises in the park. Not where they belong.

citizen of concern
citizen of concern

I can totally agree to that the language may have been unnecessary. I think the point was an attention grabber and to make people question the natural progression of corporate backed entities. I mean McDonalds did start out a a local, two brother operation.
But in hindsight I do apologize if that clouds the vision of the context of the petition.


FYI, I heard from a local resident this morning that the "What's next, McDonalds?" straw man argument that opens the petition sets an needlessly undermining tone to an otherwise fundamentally cogent point.