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Dolores Park
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Winter has set in and the Park seems pretty calm, nevertheless we do have a bit of Park news to report.  Rec and Park and our friends the non-profit program La Cocina are moving forward with a plan to place a licensed and fee paying food vender into Dolores by next spring.  There has been a bit of shake up though. Foodies take note. El Huarache Loco’s Veronica Salazar has decided to take it to the next level and will pass on Dolores Park. We can instead expect to see Chaac-Mool and their traditional Yucatan food.  Let’s try to welcome them.

Scott Wiener at a DPW Clean-up

Please join DPW in congratulating Scott Wiener, newly elected supervisor for district 8. Scott,  a longtime friend of Dolore Park is committed to “planning for the renovation of Dolores Park”.  We look forward to seeing his no drama, hard working approach applied to the project.

In  street safety news, we have progress of a sort to report. The Mission District Streetscape Plan (pdf)  is winding it’s way towards completion, (we are close folks) and meanwhile the Mayor has called for the creation of a comprehensive, city wide approach to reducing pedestrian related injuries and death. DPW will continue to report on neighborhood and city progress on trafic safety around The Park, but so far it looks like we haven’t done much more then identify the problem.

Mission neighbors have been working hard to improve and expand our other Mission parks.

Garfield Park

Garfield park supporters have held a series of meetings (with the help of the Neighborhood Parks Council) and formed a friends of the park group.  We wish them lots of success.  A parking lot at 17th Street and Folsom has been identified as a potential site for a new park and Ritual Coffee on Valencia will install a mini parklett at their curb, replacing several parking spots.  DPW will try to report on these and other pro park efforts in the coming year and will help out when we can.  Go parks!

Finally, we regret to report an apparent lack of progress in any of the two major projects to renovate Dolores. Though, behind the scenes work is getting done. The Friends of Dolores Park Playground are working with Rec and Park and third party vendors to rework the playground plans and request new construction bids.  At the same time they are working hard to identify and raise additional funds.  More money always helps. Please consider an end of year contribution to our new playground.

Rec and Park’s larger and park wide Dolores renovation project headed by Jake Gilchrist is continuing, with Jake and staff working to bring in an additional designer. The hiring process is taking longer than planned.  Look for the next public meeting early this year.  DPW will be forming a team to help advocate for, and help shepherd this key project through to completion.  Please consider serving. These renovation projects will ensure a safe, well maintained and beautiful park for years to come.

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