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We are happy, approaching giddy, to report that SF Recreation & Parks Department (RPD) published a blog post yesterday clarifying some confusion regarding picnic permits.

Why is Dolores Park Works so happy?

From our perspective, much of 2010’s most frustrating Dolores Park challenges from vendors to renovation to bathrooms stemmed from a lack of RPD communication, engagement and accountability to the Dolores Park community. For example, until yesterday the most current official RPD blog post tagged Dolores Park was about a soccer game in 2009. RPD missed the whole 2010 Dolores Park picnic.

But let’s not dwell on the past.

Today SF Rec and Parks’ communication is out ahead of the first potentially misunderstood and thus frustrating topic. RPD, we sincerely appreciate the prompt, direct clarification.

That said, we do have a few constructive suggestions for RPD’s post:

  • Label (aka tag) the post “Dolores Park”. Note that the current Dolores Park label is all lowercase, but should be capitalized for consistency with other RPD blog labels.
  • Communicate that RPD will update the picnic permit pages to reflect the clarification, including an ETA and updating the blog post as completed or postponed.
  • Enable blog post commenting to encourage direct, scoped and constructive communication.
  • Use real names for blog post authors rather than the anonymous generic “sfrpd” to engage the Dolores Park community in a respectful human-to-human conversation.

Again, Dolores Park patrons thank the RPD staff and support RPD staff’s efforts to deliver the same prompt direct and clear communication with respect to park vendors, park renovation and maintenance topics to the Dolores Park community in 2011!

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