Dolores Park Earth Day 2011 Video

Thanks to Mission Local‘s Molly Rosenthal for covering and producing the video!

It’s All In The Details

The right kicks in high school, remembering to write back after a job interview. The small things in life do matter. As in life, the small things are starting to add up in Dolores Park,  I am talking cigarette butts and bottle caps.

Guys please, if you do not take your cigarette butts and bottle caps with you, but thrown them on the lawn,  they need to be raked up (or picked up) by hand.  Someone goes out and sweeps up your crap into little piles with a lawn rake, scoops them up and throws them away for you. Otherwise this lovely green field we all love to sit in is no longer grass, but a  patchwork of crud and dust. Grass in the city is a precious and delicate thing. It needs a little care. A little respect. Sit on it, walk on it, dance on it, sleep on it.  Just don’t grind your damn cigarette butts and bottle caps into it.


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