Portable Toilets Return

Dolores Park Works just confirmed with Rec & Park‘s Area Manager Eric Andersen that portable toilets are returning to Dolores Park.

6 porta potties will be arriving on Friday. They will be stationed near the bell. In placing them, we’ve had to look at spots with a level grade and near enough to the perimeter of the park so that they can be serviced from the street. The area around the bell offered the best option.

While portable toilets are an eyesore, especially at such a beautiful entryway, the alternatives — fewer toilets, toilets on greenspace — are less appealing. If anyone has a better ideas wrt portable toilet placement, post ’em in the comments so Dolores Park Works may be your Rec & Parks advocate.

Photo by Mission Mission

Update: Uptown Almanac identified an alternative solution to RPD’s portable toilets.

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