What Happened to Dolores Park Movie Night?

2012 Note: Outdoor movies continue in Dolores Park and throughout the City thanks to Film Night in the Park. There are also shows at McCoppin Square, Bernal Heights, and Duboce Park and throughout the City. SF Fun and Cheap has a great list. If you hear of others, let us know.

Dolores Park Movie Night had been setting up every summer in the little meadow by the playground for the last six years. This year they were a no show and  people were beginning to worry.  Yes, the little meadow was fenced off  but, there are other spots available. Most troubling though was the DPMN web-site was not updated and the boys, Sean, Eric and Cameron were not answering their @doloresparkmovie.org e-mail. Well after digging through the Rolodex we found another address for Sean and he has filled us in.

“We have decided not to produce the event this year for various reasons, among them being the park renovation, cost, and different priorities amongst the team members.”

DPMN always seemed to be a  DIY effort with low key calls for funds and the “boys” always seeming to get it do somehow. But now they were calling for a break.  “We need to regroup and see if we are jazzed to make a commitment for our regular April-October timeframe next year.” Sean wrote.  “It was a great 6 year run for us, and we enjoyed it. ”

Jello Wrestling in Dolores Park,  photo from susyc84

Jello Wrestling in Dolores Park, photo from susyc84

Well let’s wish them the best and echo Sean’s statement,  yes it was a great run. We too hope to bring DPMN back. The Symphony is calling for a break this year as well. Entertainment in the park is beginning to suffer.


 “It was a labour of love, and I would love to see it continue in some shape or form.” -Sean
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