Briefly Noted – 2011-09-05

  • RT @alexch: A car just flipped over on the muni tracks at 19th & church. SFPD/FD on scene. Too dark for pix. @dpworks
  • Looks like guy drove up the tracks from Church & 18th, flipped going under the bridge, and walked away. EMTs and cops got him. (via @alexch)  
  • I see masses moving towards Dolores Park, with beer – is it the long weekend yet? (via @AmyNW)
    Yes it is.
  • 80-year-old tree falls near Miguel Hidalgo Statue in Dolores Park. – (via @MLNow)
  • MissionLocal reports Rec and Park as saying entire tree will  probably go.
  • RT @Valerie_Saav: To all: COME TO DOLORES PARK! It’s f’ing beautiful!!!!!!
    Thanks Valerie.
  • RT @alexch: Tree fell on top of Hidalgo @dpworks
    Hidalgo seems fine. Tree not so much.
  • Thanks, very nice.  RT @Veronica:   Long shadows, incoming fog. @ Mission Dolores Park  
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