More Dolores planning meetings in the works

The Dolores Park design team has proposed  postponing the September 29 community Workshop and adding two October dates, 10/13 and 10/27.  We should have confirmation soon. The extra dates are necessary to complete our planning.

After four community workshops,  Rec and Park has released the initial  sketch of an improved Dolores Park. However, much of this plan is still in contention and the sketch does not include any firm decisions on the fate of the clubhouse, the new cross-park road and placement of the dog play-areas. We also still need to have public discussions on the historic significance of Dolores and on the ability to construct many of the elements proposed given the allotted budget. The central paths and the entrances also need a plan.

Steve Cancian, lead landscape designer for Community Outreach on the park’s design has told the Park Rehabilitation Steering Committee that he has confidence we can come to a community consensus on all of these issues by the end of the last workshop. The Community Steering Committee will be meeting every week in October to help frame and clarify all these issues. We have been promised plenty of time to discuss and deliberate in our meetings and we are confident this will allow us to design the best plan  possible.


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