Tree Falls on Hidalgo

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The Black Acacia cracked in two.

The Black Acacia cracked in two.

Shortly after noon, the Friday before Labor Day weekend, the large Black Acacia that shades Miguel Hidalgo’s statue cracked open and came crashing down. Hidalgo seems to be undamaged, the fate of the tree is unknown.

The park was beginning to fill and there were several witnesses to the accident, but no one was hurt.  Witness remember hearing a sharp crack and the crash. One visitor was near by  the statue taking photos.

Hidalgo seems undamaged.

Hidalgo seems undamaged.

The black Acacia is the largest tree in the area and did seem to be in good shape. It now has a gaping wound and according to park gardeners, may not be salvageable. Tree care experts from Rec and Park will need to make that call. The Public Art and Civic Art Collection of the San Francisco Arts Commission will come out and assess the statue.  In the mean time, the yellow caution tape remains in place.

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