Briefly Noted – 2011-10-24

  • @shantiloveyoga: Dolores Park, the place where grown-ups can be kids. Exhibit a,  photo and story by J. Barmann of SFist.  
  • With 73% of Workshop #5  in favor of demolition, the clubhouse is likely a lost cause. Read Mission Locals account of the vote here. However, Some Steering Committee members are saying the question was unfairly stated. “I understand that at last Thursday’s meeting many of the groups voted to tear down the club house — but that was a bit of a set up.  Essentially the groups were presented with either tearing down the club house or choosing one of 6 other options – all of which were pre-emptively declared infeasible.  Not surprisingly, many groups chose tearing it down.”  I expect the idea that the clubhouse is historically important will not just go away.”
  • Amazing 3D map of SF. Here’s Dolores Park. Nicely done Nokia.
  • Ken Garcia – Some change is good and we need to let go.  “One of San Francisco’s most conflicting traits is that it is so resistant to change. Though The City politically calls for revolution, in reality, it resists transition.”  Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: