Rec and Park says, new signs asks the public to “help us take care of the park.”

We asked Eric Andersen, Park Services Manager, area 6, about the new Dolores Park signage that went up last week.  Why now?  The signs do not seem to have any language or rules we have not seen posted in Dolores Park in the past few years. Here is his response…

The new signs were installed to address a lack of comprehensive signage in Dolores Park. While there are individual signs posted throughout the park, the new signs provide this information in  unified locations at park entrances.  We are also responding to  requests from community members and other city agencies about the need for additional signage in the park.  The sign installation was planned some time ago and there is no particular significance to the timing.

Rec and Park at work.

Rec and Park at work.

These three three signs contain standard language used in welcome signs  throughout our park system, there was nothing in particular related to Dolores Park in their message. Barbecues and open fires are prohibited in all of our parks by fire regulations. There may have been signs posted in Dolores Park in the past, these would not be unusual in our parks. The barbecues create  significant damage to the park when discarded coals are dumped on the landscape.

We have also noticed that SFPD has in the past week or so stepped in to enforce the 10pm closing. How is your relationship with Mission Station? And is there a new follow-up enforcement plan for Dolores?

SFPD has been devoting resources to closing the park (at 10pm) over the past couple of months.  Maintaining the park hours seems to be one of the best ways to provide for public safety and curb some of the more damaging incidents in the park. I do communicate with Mission Station regularly on issues that are going on within the park.


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