Final Sunday Streets of the Year Charms the Mission

The weather was beautiful and the crowds big for Sunday Streets, the Mission.  Along the Valencia and 24th Street corridors, bikers, walkers, roller skaters, and rollerblader ruled the road.

Stores and restaurants poured out onto the sidewalk and street. Each block had a it’s own music, activities, and flavor.  Pleasant volunteers kept the traffic flowing and cars away.

There were a number of entertainers and activities geared towards kids; free yoga, Hula-Hooping, and hands on science demonstrations all drew a crowd.  The San Francisco Public Library’s Tricycle Music Fest West concluded with an outdoor family rock concert at the Mission Branch Library. And the prospect of a free bike tune up or a free hour of biking encouraged many to take a ride down the car free streets.

And no surprisses here, despite the decision not to link Dolores with Sunday Streets this year, the park was still a bustling place.

About Lauren Hartman

Lauren is the Dolores Park Works Events Coordinator and Office Administrator.