Briefly Noted – 2011-11-07

  • @SFSlackline “We are signed up to film during One Day on Earth this Friday 11.11.11.  Everyone bring your lines to DP on Friday 4PM!

  • Lauren posted 17 photos on DPW Facebook Page, “Dolores Park Renovations”

    Dolores Park Rehabilitation Workshop#6

    Dolores Park Rehabilitation Workshop#6, photo by Lauren Hartman

  • Dolores Park Goat Flash Mob for Avalos, was streamed live on the internet so you didn’t even have to get your boots wet to see cute goats.
  • @potandpantry:   “Just walked around introducing myself to my new 18th Street neighbors.”  — A great addition to the block, welcome!
  • Doing Brooklyn’s Dolores Park bar one better!  Paul Madonna of the Chrons  All Over Coffee inks an extraordinary tribute to Dolores Park.  His images have been transformed into a 40 foot mural for Tacolicious on Valencia.

    Paul Madonna, all over coffee Chron essay artist, does Dolores Park proud.

    Paul Madonna, "All Over Coffee" Chron essay artist, does Dolores Park proud.

  • @SFPD_Mission: “New bicycle section on the Mission  Station web-page to track stolen and recovered bicycles. Send us your feeback!” —     Yes please!

  • @SFRecParkGM: “A heavy branch fell off a tree and on to the sidewalk at Mission Dolores Park, but it is all cleaned up now” — Thank you!
  • @alexch: “Another tree down in Dolores Park”. @SFRecParkGM”  —  Tree maintenance for all of SF Parks is below minimum. We, the public and City Gov need to step up and find the funds for our trees. @SFParksAlliance

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