Dolores Park Volunteer Day this Saturday

Single Serving Day,  young singles volunteering for a good cause (and a good dose of fun) are coming to Dolores Park this Saturday at 10AM. This is the first event for a new group and were excited to be a part of it.  “We help singles meet each other and motivate participants to become dedicated volunteers in their community and beyond” is how Single Serving Day organizers describe themselves.

Dolores Park Volunteer Day 2011

Dolores Park Volunteer Day 2011

If you would like to show your support for the park and young people helping the community, come on out. Or, if you want the full on single mixers experience, rsvp for Single Serving Day here.

Ether way, please come and join in the fun.

  • Dolores Park Volunteer Day
  • Saturday, December 3
  • 10 pm to 1pm
  • Meet up in front of the old clubhouse.


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