Dolores Park Phased Construction Plan to be Revealed

There will be a Drop-in Community Open House on Wednesday, February 29 from 5:30 pm to 8:30 at Mission High School Cafeteria to review the phased construction plan and new architectural drawings for the Dolores Park Rehabilitation.  For the last several months, the Rehabilitation Plan has been undergoing commission and environmental review. Meanwhile, Rec and Park and the Department of Public Works have been preparing an implementation schedule.   We have already seen some of the architectural drawings and they look great. However, what many in the community are waiting to hear is the solution to the question, how do we complete the renovation, without closing all of Dolores Park for a year or more?

Rendering of new Dolores Park restroom near 18th and Church.

Rendering of new Dolores Park restroom near 18th and Church.

On January 19, in the Rec and Park blog for the Dolores Park project planning team framed the question:

Like many issues in the planning of the park’s rehabilitation, construction phasing is going to require careful consideration and balancing–and significant community deliberation.  Many people are interested in seeing the rehabilitation completed soon, but at the same time many people are wary of any significant disruption of use of the park.  What is the best balance?

Next Wednesday, the design team promises to present, “a carefully developed phased construction schedule to minimize park disruption, while effectively completing the improvements.” Rec and Park would like your comments.

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