Playground Vandalism = Sad Children

Shattered historic Dolores Park Lamppost

Shattered historic Dolores Park Lamppost

As Dolores Park Playground nears completion, it has been hit with two incidents of vandalism and graffiti.

The first strike occurred on January 28.  Two contractor tractors were damaged and  20 to 30 not yet planted bushes, were thrown around. On the same evening in the central walkway, near the clubhouse, tree branches were cut, and 4 historic lampposts smashed.  This was a major attack, requiring time and effort. Even those familiar with Dolores Park’s many problems were shocked and angered.

Playground plants ready for their new home

Playground plants ready for their new home

On February 6, vandals struck again, damaging the playground contractors replacement equipment.  Both acts of vandalism targeted expensive equipment used in the renovation.  Why now, in the final push to finish the playground?  Rec and Park described the vandalism as costly and destructive acts that jeopardize the timely completion of the playground.   However, Friends of Dolores Park Playground steering committee member, Tim Wirth has told Dolores Park Works that The Friends and Bauman Landscape Construction are still committed to a February 28 completion.  A security guard has been will be on-site for the remainder of the project.

Captain Bob Moser, the new Captain of the Mission Police Station, has been contacted by both neighbors, and Phil Ginsburg.  He has responded by implementing increased police patrols of the park.

Rec and Park, the Friends of Dolores Park Playground and Captain Moser have all asked neighbors and park patrons to please keep an extra eye on the Park.  If you see anything suspicious please report it to the police. Active felonies (ongoing graffiti and vandalism included) should be reported immediately to 911. Suspicious activity (out of control late night shenanigans) can be reported to the SFPD non-emergency number, 415-553-0123.

Yes, SFPD needs to take more responsibility for protecting the playground, Tim Wirth told us, “But everyone needs to help protect the park. Maybe we can start by picking up our own trash”

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