Earth Day Trashed, City on it!

Dolores Park will get more frequent and extended weekend trash service and the Department of Public Works (DPW) will assist.  In a separate move, Rec and Park will immedietly order three more porta-potties for Dolores.

Rec and Park, with an assist from district 8 supervisor, Scott Wiener,  has arranged for these additional service from Recology (at no additional cost) and DPW was glad to offer assistance with keeping the sidewalks around the park clear.

One of many Dolores Park trash mounds on Saturday night, 4/23.

One of many Dolores Park trash mounds on Saturday night, 4/23.

Recology provided this extra service last Summer and it proved very helpful and Rec and Park arranged for the 6 portable toilets.  Eric Andersen, Rec and Park area operations manager said, “I have tried to minimize the number of porta-potties in the off-season, both for budgetary and aesthetic reasons. However, their benefits far exceed any negative impact that they might have and we are definitely ready for the full summer complement.”

It all got a bit out of hand over the weekend.  The trash around Dolores Park reached epic levels and the three porta-potties reached their limits. For a few hours on Sunday morning, Dolores Park was a total wreck and neighbors were pissed. By noon, all the trash gone, the toilets cleaned and reopened.  But the bitterness lingered.

MissionLocal had the photos and described, “plastic bags drifting down Dolores, trash cans overturned, and trash covering the entire hill south of the tennis courts”.  Commenting readers were appalled, “This is real sad. They’re adults and should be taking their trash with them. Soon it’ll be known as Pig Park!” Letters poured into Supervisor Scott Wieners inbox.

They were also able to arrange for a “trash monitor” grant to keep the trash piles orderly till the Recology  pick-up.  At this time, there is no word on a trash monitor. Rec and Park said they expect these changes to, “substantively address the street side garbage pickup problems at Dolores Park.”

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