New Public Safety Approach for Dolores

At the regularly scheduled meeting of the Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, Bob Moser, Mission Station Police Captain shared his approach to policing in and around Dolores Park. Moser told the group he does not have the resources to completely eradicate alcohol from Dolores Park. He instead is focusing on enforcement of illegal alcohol sales, drug sales, public intoxication and underage drinking.

Captain Bob Moser at the Dolores Heights Safe meeting, March 6

Captain Bob Moser at the Dolores Heights Safe meeting, March 6

Starting at the end of April, Moser has increased police coverage in and around Dolores Park.  This involves radio squad cars, gang enforcement and plain clothes officers.  Captain Moser said he has directed all shifts of radio patrol cars to include Dolores Park and the surrounding neighborhoods in their patrols. In May, radio cars logged 413 “passing calls” or visits.  Success from this increased enforcement operation includes gang officers spotting and arresting known gang members, plainclothes officers making buys and issuing citations for the sale of psylocibe mushrooms, pot, Jello shots and beer.  Plain clothes officers are also being sent into the park at night and extra officers are patrolling the park during peak weekends and issuing tickets for keggers that “get little bit out of control,” Moser said.  On the perimeter of the park, officers have made arrests for public urination and auto burglary.

Rec and Park Rangers are also stepping up their patrols. Marcus Santiago, head Park Patrol Officer told us he is now stationing a “midnight watch” in Dolores, 9 pm to 4 am every night. He is also now sending an officer to all major events, thanks to event permit fees.  Santiago says his officers work closely with SF Police to close down load late parties. His other priorities? Underage drinking, tents, drug and alcohol sales and illegal venders.  “We try to get people to comply,” Santiago said when asked if he issues a lot of citations. “We issue a few. We first give them a warning.”

Officer Santiago is working with a staff of 18 officers and says he can not be in the park all the time. Park Patrol also uses passing calls to increase coverage. But Santiago says he depends on us to call in trouble.

  • Park Patrol Rangers, 242-6390
  • Police, Crime in progress, 911
  • Non-Emergency Police, 553-0123
  • Non-urgent Park Maintenance, 311


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