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Dolores Parks Works reached out to Adrian Field, new acting Manager of Park Service Area 6 (Mission and Bernal Hieghts Neighborhoods) and Dolores Park Supervisor for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, to get his thoughts on our favorite Park. (On September 3, Eric Andersen announced his appointment as Golden Gate Park landscape and gardens manger.)  Adrian is a pleasure to work with and always has the Park’s best interest in mind.

Adrian FieldDPWorks: What are some of the biggest challenges RPD staff has to combat to keep Dolores Park clean and safe?

Adrian: There’s no silver bullet for the issues we all face with the popularity of Dolores Park. There are lots of smaller changes that will hopefully affect the whole. One of those changes in my opinion would be greater public awareness; awareness of the fact that everyone enjoying the park has a responsibility to all the other users to keep the park as clean as possible by packing out everything they bring in (yes that includes cigarette butts). All users have the right and the responsibility to call SFPD (415) 553-0123 or Park Patrol (415) 242-6390 when they see anyone disturbing the peace or engaged in acts of vandalism, drug dealing, ect. that would really help a lot. Individual requests are logged, over time this will create a record and image of activity in the park that can assist in management.

DPWorks: The sidewalk repairs around the park are a huge improvement. Were the repairs a way for the City to spruce up Dolores, while the Rehabilitation and Improvement Plan is held up in the environmental review process?

Adrian with Dolores Park Gardeners

Adrian: Who knows how the sidewalk repairs happened? It may have been the projected second phase of the Dolores renovations that spurred DPW (Department of Public Works) to complete this long awaited project, or it may have just been our time on the priority list, we are just delighted that it happened, thanks DPW.

DPWorks: Is the food cart going to stay in Dolores Park?

Adrian: I have to say I’m not updated on the term of the agreement regarding the ChacMool vendor.

DPWorks: Are there any new projects in the works for Dolores?

Adrian: Our number one project right now is to get the Dolores renovation project back on track to complete the second phase in a timely fashion.


We would like to thank Adrian for all his hard work and for the immense amount of care and time he gives to Dolores!

  • SFPD (415) 553-0123
  • Park Patrol (415) 242-6390
  • Maintenance Issues 311
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