Captain Moser on Crime in Dolores Park

Robert Moser is SFPD captain of Mission Station and is writing in response to Dolores Park Works request for comments on recent crime in Dolores Park –

Captain Robert Moser

We conduct regular passing calls at the park, particularly in the Spring and Summer time when the park is most used.  During the summer and spring, we log upwards of 400 passing calls a month. We have also made several arrests for narcotics sales in the park.  In each of those cases we seek a stay-a-way order for the suspect as part of the disposition.

Park and Rec had a Park Ranger stationed at the park during the evening hours, although I do not know for certain if that is still occurring.  The community can always help by being vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity,  particularly at night when the park is closed.

Although the playground has been recently targeted, we had enjoyed several months since any vandalism had occurred.  The last report of vandalism prior to the most recent incident was in April.

Dolores Park is a fantastic space that attracts thousands of people every week.  The vast majority of the visitors enjoy the space safely and legally.  Unfortunately, as with many large public spaces, occasionally we will see an element that is not there to enjoy the park safely and legally.  Through passing calls and citizen tips, we strive to maintain the safety of the park for all.

  • Report non-emergency police issues at (415) 553-0123
  • Report on-going crime at 911
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