Objections to Dolores Park Plan Raised

Two last minute concerns have been filed with San Francisco Planning over the Dolores Park Renovation Plan. Supervisors Scott Wieners office tells us he expects that both objections will get a full vetting from SF Planning with public hearings hopefully later this month.  One neighbor objects to the two off-leash dog play-areas and San Francisco Architectural Heritage (Heritage) is concerned the Plan does not go far enough in protecting the park’s historic resources and character. Further appeals are then possible to the Board of Supervisors.

Dolores Park Works stands behind the community vetted Renovation Plan and we will discuss at our next meeting on Wednesday, April 10 how to best to proceed. Jake Gilchrist, Rec and Park project manager for the renovation also stands behind the plan and is ready to defend it. (Gilchrist’s February 2012 report is available here). Supervisor Scott Wieners tells us he is confident that the six month community driven design process was through and democratic and he will  defend The Plan.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr.Photo by Flickr.brandi666, August 7,2009

Grrrrrrrrrrrr.Photo by Flickr.brandi666, August 7,2009

A formal appeal to the SF Planning’s approval of the Dolores Park  Plan was filled by Claudia Praetel who objects to the two off-leash dog play areas.  Her assertion is that off -leash areas are not compatible with small children and therefore the inclusion of two (as opposed to only one dog play area) is decreasing the amount of park space allotted to children. Heritage has filed a comment letter with SF Planning and we expect it to be addressed as if it is a formal appeal. Heritage asserts that SF Planning needs to require three further changes to The Plan to preserve the park’s eligibility for registration as an Historic Resource. First they would like to see the Clubhouse preserved, second Rec and Park needs to develop and implement a “preservation maintenance plan”.  This plan will demonstrate a commitment by RPD to preserve the historic resources of Dolores. And finally, Heritage would like to see  an “interpretive display” on the significance of the long abounded and neglected 19th Street MUNI stop.

Club House, Labor Day 2010

Club House, Labor Day 2010

How much these concerns will alter The Plan or if they will cause further delays to the start date of construction is not known.

Sarah Ballard, Rec and Park spokesperson says construction is still scheduled to begin this fall.


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