Crime and Violence Stalk Dolores Park Pride

It was a very hot and festive Pride weekend. On Sunday evening with a warm night the rachuas party in Dolores just got hotter. A vigorous drum jam fed the energy till well after 10 and early Fourth of July bombs went off every 15 minutes. This party was not ending.

Meanwhile, a mini-crime spree was taking place just outside the park.  Mission Local has posted the crime stats for Sunday night and they ain’t good.

after the pretty people have left

After the pretty people have left.

9:20, two men Robbed a man at 19th and Church. The man was hit from behind on the back of the head. Also at 9:20, two women were stabbed during a melee at Church and 17th.

9:30, two men robbed a man at 19th and Dolores. The victim was later transported to San Francisco General Hospital  for minor injuries.

10:35, a man was struck  from behind and punched several times after he fell on the ground. Then robbed of his cell phone.

It seems obvious that criminals were here to take advantage of  weary and unsophisticated parties. There seemed to be plenty of patrol cars in the neighborhood. But the results could have been better. Do we need more patrols on foot? Would officers in the park help? Why could they not stop the mini-bombs from going off? We must demand a better level of protection from the police.

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