What Time Does Dolores Close?

Signs posted last year around Dolores say the park closes at 10:00 PM. Yet, this has been hard to enforce.

ABC7 News reports, “In San Francisco, there is no city code, just informal, inconsistent curfews. San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced legislation Tuesday to establish uniform closing hours for all parks in the city, midnight to 5 AM, to deal with crimes that occur in the wee hours.”

The Chronicle’s,  Neil J. Riley adds, “The park code, which outlines rules, however, has no reference to official park hours, meaning that people violating park hours can only be cited for failing to obey a posted sign. That’s difficult because many of the parks with hours do not have adequate signage.

“This will just give law enforcement a tool to be able to prevent vandalism from happening in the first place,” said Supervisor Scott Wiener.

photo courtesy strawbrryff

photo courtesy strawbrryff

“There’s a lot of not-so-decent people who use this place and abuse this place,” Johnny Quinn told ABC7 News.

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