Respect the Park!

Littering and trashing of Dolores continues. Violence, graffiti and vandalism are still a big problem. Dolores Park Works is working with community members and park users to produce an active response to the damage we cause by  our misuse of  park.

Don't Forget the Little Things!

Don’t Forget the Little Things!


We are calling this response the “Respect the Park!” campaign. Our goal is to significantly increase park patrons awareness of their impact on Dolores Park’s lawns, paths and plantings and our power to leave the park better then they found it. Our first volley is this little poster. Produced by DPWorks and Bi-Rite it attempts to address what officially does not exist in Dolores, beer bottle caps and cigarette butts. This crap has been piling up and smothering the lawn. Bring it to the trash!

The poster debuted at Film Night in the Park, August 3 for the Princess Bride screening. And we will start posting in the park and neighborhood on Monday at Breakfast and a Park Clean Up!

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