The Giant Sweep Comes to Dolores

Mohammed Nuru Director of Public Works

Mohammed Nuru Director of Public Works

San Francisco is naturally one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Unfortunately, some people think it’s OK to trash it. This is the problem and with the Giant Sweep ant-liter campaign Mohammed Nuru, San Francisco Director of Public Works has set his sights on solving it. We want to be a part of this fight and are pleading with everyone we know to Take the Pledge, let’s keep SF clean and beautiful!

P1020983By signing the Giant Sweep pledge, we agree to…

  • Put trash in the right-colored bin.
  • Call 311 if I see unwanted junk on the street.
  • Call 911 if I see someone tagging.
  • Keep my sidewalk clean. Sweep it up!
  • Not leave behind trash on the trains and buses.
  • Live by the motto, “Pack it in, pack it out,” and leave the parks cleaner than I find them.

Please, sign the pledge and let’s leave Dolores cleaner then we found her.

– See more at: SF Giant Sweep

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