Mision High and Whole Foods to Pitch-In

Monday, October 21, from 3:30-5:30pm Volunteers from Mission High and Whole Foods Market will be cleaning up Dolores.

The new Whole Foods Market Street Team Leaders
The new Whole Foods Market Street Team Leaders

Students from Mission High told us they are interested in cleaning up Dolores because it is “right in front of our school”. Students also are required to fulfill community service hours before graduating. The students want to make this a regular thing so please come and show your support!

Whole Foods new Market Street leadership team are on board and will join the students.   Whole Foods Market Street is scheduled to open Wednesday, November 6, 9:45 AM .  “We anticipate that many of our future shoppers and team members are lovers of Dolores Park” A Whole Foods leader told us. “It’ s one of our core values to support the local community.”

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