Mission High and Whole Foods Volunteers Take Dolores

With 17 team leaders from the Whole Foods Market Street Store and 12 Mission High Students, our After School Volunteer Day is making a big impact. Mission High student named Brian Wang and Whole Foods Market Street manager Paula both expressed a desire to make this a regular date.


Volunteers from Mission High School

Volunteers from Mission High did a great job of cleaning up those small pieces of garbage that litter the lawn.  Many of the volunteers are new students and have just moved here from China. Park clean-ups give students an opportunity to get to know each other outside of school, while accumulating required volunteer hours.

The Market Street Whole Foods Team

The Market Street Whole Foods Team

The grand opening for the Whole Foods 2001 Market Street store is Wednesday, November 6th @ 9:45 AM. The store’s team leaders are reaching out to the community to learn about the concerns and needs of the neighborhood.  We are delighted to welcome them.

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