Dolo Rehab Nutshell

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan

Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan

Not a whole lot of news here, but some progress. Rec and Park Capital Improvement Division are saying, “Bidding for the construction contract is on…bids are due early this month.” So yes, we are on target for a January groundbreaking. This report comes from an excellent piece in Mission Local, “Half of Dolores to Close.”

Dolores Park Works members will not find this news, but Mission Local has done a great job of recapping the project and updating us on Park Departments plans. Here are some highlights.

YES, you can expect large chunks of our favorite park to be torn up and fenced off for all of next year.

NO, they will not close all the park, all at once. Some of the park will be available for play at any given time.

  • The park will be divided in half. Work will be on one side at a time.
  • First, the North half, 18th to 19th street, Hipster Hill/Fixie Flats.
  • Second, the South side, Gay Beach , the old dog area.
  • The Playground will remain open throughout the entire project.

Yes, it will all be worth it? We are getting

  • Two new large clean modern restrooms
  • Lawn path and lighting improvements
  • New tennis , basketball and multi-use courts
  • New benches, picnic tables and trash cans
  • New entryways and an overlook
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