Are Mission High Student Volunteers Changing Dolores Park Behavior?

The ten Mission High student volunteers that came out to clean-up Dolores Park received lots of praise and gratitude from the Rec and Park staff. Michelle, the lead gardener at Dolores, thanked them and noted how important volunteers are to the ongoing maintenance of Dolores Park.
Patrons are beginning to take notice of the volunteers helpful presence in Dolores One man thanked the students and said he had seen them out there before and appreciated their work. What may be more important, several groups of adults picked up their trash after the volunteers had passed.

Don't trash me!
I saw 

One man put his cigarette butt into the beer he had just finished and carried it off to the trash. Did students cleaning up the park around him cause this small victory?

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About Lauren Hartman

Lauren is the Dolores Park Works Events Coordinator and Office Administrator.