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What a great year for Dolores Park! In 2013 we organized 12 Clean-Ups, contributing over 434 volunteer hours to the beautification of Dolores. With your donations we purchased rakes, brooms, work gloves, and other tools for our volunteer Clean-Ups. The long awaited renovations to Dolores’ lawns, paths, benches and restrooms were approved and will begin in early 2014.  We plan to be here in 2014 to help maintain and encourage respect for the new renovated Park

As we look forward to the New Year, we hope you  will GIVE a charitable, tax deductible gift to Dolores Park Works. Your generosity will enable us to grow and launch new projects in 2014, while continuing to support our volunteer Clean-Ups and other community-based efforts.P1020977

Our 2013 Achievements

  • Hosted 12 Park Clean-Ups with: Wells Fargo, Marriott, Mission High School, Bi-Rite Market,and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Whole Foods Market Street.
  • Joined Mayor Lee, Supervisors Campos and Wiener and the Department of Public Works in the Giant Sweep clean-up of our neighborhood.
  • Launched our “Respect the Park” campaign at Film Night in the Park.

    Don't Forget the Little Things!

    Don’t Forget the Little Things!

All charitable gifts go a long way towards Dolores Park Works’ mission of park advocacy and service. Any donation will be acknowledged and appreciated. We will multiply your dollars with volunteer hours and merchant gifts.   So please help us celebrate, preserve and enhance Dolores Park by giving today.  With your help, we can deepen our commitment to Dolores Park and the community surrounding it in 2014Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.02.57 AM

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