Wells Fargo Has Always Given Back to the Community

Monday, December 9th, from 10am-1pm Dolores Park Works will host a group of volunteers from Wells Fargo.P1030172

When we asked Jake Bowers, organizer of next Monday’s event why he chose Dolores he said  “I came across the idea of cleaning Dolores Park just by wanting to get our office outside and get a little dirty.  I have a fond appreciation for our park system and I know the work that goes into these parks to constantly keep them clean.”

“Wells Fargo has always been a promoter of giving back to the community.  Even though it is a large corporation, its roots are from the communities it does business with.  We find, by organizing a group activity such as cleaning Dolores Park, The Food Bank, Bagging Groceries for Seniors, etc., is a great team building/bonding experience and helps use these hours for some individuals that normally would not take advantage of their (available) volunteer time hours”

Meet in front of the Mexican Liberty Bell, Dolores and 19th street. Volunteers should wear comfortable closed toe shoes and dress in layers.

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About Lauren Hartman

Lauren is the Dolores Park Works Events Coordinator and Office Administrator.