Dolores Park Construction In Overdrive

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Back in June we reported a lot of exciting stuff was about to happen with the Dolores Park Improvement. Well it’s begun.

Let’s start with tomorrow morning, 4 AM. Yes 4:00 o’clock, in the as it’s still dark 4 AM. The contractors will begin to pour the floor of the new maintenance building near the corner of Church and 18th. We are told to expect some noise. Yo Vinny!

DPW Moving the Liberty Bell, July 9, 2014.

DPW moving the Liberty Bell, July 9, 2014.


New cement is in for the 19th Street promenade.

Today, the Department of Public Works relocated the Mexican Liberty Bell (replica) slightly closer to Dolores Street. Check out this great time lapse video of the Mexican Liberty Bell moving into its new home!

We also have big pours going on for the new 19th Street promenade, the North Side Restroom and the MUNI bridge stairway.

As always, I get all my news from Rec and Park and the project management team, Jake Gilchrist and Cara Ruppert. Jake tells us that the construction company has been very diligent in keeping the project from adversely impacting the neighborhood. For example, extra care was taken to wet down the site during Pride Weekend. If there are any concerns or complaints as this project moves forward, we have been asked to give them a call.

Forms for the MUNI Bridge Stairway.

Forms for the MUNI Bridge Stairway.

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