We are Just Going to “Do a Switch”

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On Thursday, June 18 the renovated North half of Dolores will open and the well-worn South half will close. Jake Gilchrist, Rec and Park project manager for the Dolores Park renovation assures us that they are ready to make the planned simultaneous switch as promised. “The fence guys will be out first thing on the 18th”, Jake told us. The plan is to move the existing construction fencing away from the North side and fence off the South. This fulfills the department’s promise to always keep half of Dolores open during construction and allows the project to move ahead. How long before the entire park is finished? “We think it is going to be six months” Jake told us. The Dolores Park Playground will also remain open and accessable throughout the remainder of the project.


The official Love Dolores Celebration will start at 3 PM in the new plaza at 18th  and Dolores with a Silent Disco. We are told the first hour or two of programing will be “for the children”.

  • Love Dolores, Silent Disco Party
  • 3 to 7 PM
  • 18th and Dolores
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