Picnic Your Butt Off!

Something we can all agree on, cigarette butts are nasty. Our good friend Shelly Ericksen of the Surfrider Foundation has asked us to a Dolores Park picnic, with a little park volunteerism on the side. As Shelly writes, “Super informal. Come hang out or just stop on by and bring me a few butts!”  I’m in. Let’s pick up our cigarette butts! Pick em up, wrap em up and pack them out to the trash. Let’s clean up our beach!

Saturday, February 27, 1 PM.
Saturday’s going to be a beautiful day – let’s have a picnic! And while we’re at it let’s see if we can get every cigarette butt in Dolores Park off the ground.

surfrider image

– BYO food and drinks and whatever else makes you happy
– Gloves if you have them (I will supply them too)
– Something to collect butts in — takeout containers, bags, buckets, whatever (also will have these on hand)

Exact location TBD – will post closer to the day.

WHY? Cigarette butts are plastic and all will be recycled by Terracycle into stuff like the ashtray in the pic, and Surfrider SF gets $1 per pound donation so you’re fundraising too. Last time I did this people brought them to me by the fistful. You’ll get a thousand thanks, plus all the good karma you can handle.

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