Dolores Garden Club Ready to Launch

Are you interested in making a direct impact on Dolores Park? An opportunity to say, I planted those flowers! Dolores Garden Club will be that group, folks working directly in the Park. As a group, we will be assigned a planting bed to call our own. We will work with the Rec and Park gardeners to prepare the area, set out plants and care for our babies into the winter.

Volunteer Gardeners replanting Hidalgo garden in 2010.

Volunteers replanting Hidalgo garden in 2010.

Dolores Garden Club is a project of Dolores Park Works, Dolores Park Ambassadors and San Francisco Recreation and Parks. We have committed to three gardening days September 28, October 12 and November 9. All on Thursday mornings. If you can’t do all three, no problem. Let’s get dirty!

Let me know if you are interested in being part of this exciting new park project

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