Dolores Garden Club on a Roll

Our nascent horticultural society, Dolores Garden Club will meet for it’s third and most likely final gardening day of this year. So far, two events, a growing membership  and an excellent record: Garden Club 2-weeds 0.

And at our first event in September we were surprised by Tony Taylor from Bay Area Reporter, our local LGBT press.

Dolores Garden Club and Rec and Park gardeners in the Children’s Playground, Thursday October 12, 2017

In October we boasted 6 volunteers and turned our attention to the “Pollinator Bed” a very mixed border at the entrance to the Children’s Playground. Big crabgrass issue, but our Rec and Park Gardener advised us we didn’t need to get them all, “just clean it up a bit.” It was a fabulously sunny day, but very smokey from the North Bay fires. Join up now and help plan for 2018. There will be sexy tees.

  • Dolores Garden Club next event
  • Thursday, November 9
  • 10 a.m.
  • Meet us on the path south of the tennis courts

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