Memorial Day Shooting in Dolores has neighbors looking for answers

I thought we stopped the gangs and guns in the park.  I am quite certain that all of us Mission Dolores neighborhood residents and organizations are worried, upset, and disappointed about the re-appearance of gun violence in the Dolores Park area.  The brazen daylight shooting in the midst of Mission Carnival and Memorial Day weekend is an offense to all of us.  It violates our sense of safety, community, and empathy.  I feel hurt, worried, and am inclined to give up. 

While we applaud the fast response of the police after the shooting – we are asking:  What can we do better? What can the city do better?

  • What happened to the two dedicated park rangers in the park?  We have only one left and no backup.  One of rangers left the force last year and we still do not have a replacement.  Not even a temporary one.  When our lone ranger is sick, takes a break, or is assigned to other duties – there is no one watching the park, even in the summer months and weekends! The Dolores Park Ambassadors have been asking politely for months for the department to fill this vacancy.
  • What happened to the continual police presence around the park? Did they not notice the large group of people wandering in, one or more apparently carrying guns? How far away was the police officer?
  • Did the newly installed security cameras catch the incident? Is there footage of the group coming into the park?


We cannot directly intervene when it comes to stopping violence.  However, we can and must help prevent violence and build an enjoyable community.

 We can you do?

  • Be good stewards and take ownership of our streets, parks, and our neighborhood
  •  Be aware, help out, and connect with each other
  • Help the city agencies in their tasks to deliver services efficiently and transparently.  Dolores Park Ambassadors are dedicated to holding the city accountable.

We are requesting an immediate update on city services in our area and regular meetings and reporting.

  • Crime reports and crime enforcement, details by street and date
  • 311 calls and follow ups, details by street and date
  • Update on security enforcement in and around the park (park rangers, toilet guards, and cleaning)
  • Input into health and safety plans for PRIDE, Halloween, and other mass events impacting our neighborhood.
  • Input into plans to monitor and manage the hundreds homeless folks living in our streets and parks.

Thank you for your time- Dolores Park Ambassadors

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