Roadmap 2013

Many Challenges and Issues Remain For Dolores Park

For Dolores Park and Dolores Park Works, 2012 was a year to celebrate. We opened a world-class playground and completed an unprecedented community design of the park. This plan for a rehabilitated and renewed Dolores includes two extra capacity restrooms and a new badly needed maintenance shed tucked away in the corner. So yes, we’re happy, but much still needs to be done.

  • Littering and trashing of Dolores continues. Respect for Dolores needs to our long term goal.
  • Maintenance is severely underfunded. Tree maintenance in particular has a back log of decades.
  • Pedestrian safety in the many cross-walks to Dolores is inadequate.
  • Underage drinking, public drunkenness, homeless and at-risk youth drinking is escalating. Violence, graffiti and vandalism continue to be a problem. Park stakeholders need to come to a consensus on posted park policy on public drinking and drugs.
  • Finally, there is no community wide agreement on what is the best practice for permitting events at Dolores and on how best to confront non-permitted events when necessary.

2013 Strategic Plan
To celebrate the unique role of the park in patron’s lives – DPWorks will continue to advocate our vision of Dolores Park, as both a neighborhood park and a regional civic venue. Dolores must be accessible to all; rich and poor, children and young adults, dog owners and seniors.

To pursue continuous improvement of Dolores Park’s natural beauty, sustainability and supporting infrastructure – DPWorks will continue to work with Rec and Park,the community, the Dolores Park Rehabilitation Design Team and our park advocacy partners to begin construction of a renewed Dolores Park as soon as possible.

To permeate pride, stewardship, and responsibility among park patrons  – DPWorks will continue to foster community building, organizing and education as tools to keep Dolores clean, safe and fun.

  • The DPWorks steering committee will operate with transparency and democracy.
  • Host regular Dolores Park Community Volunteer Days and  continue to recognize and reward the DPWorks Volunteers.
  • Work with community, stake-holders to produce the Respect Dolores Campaign. Our goal is to significantly increase park patrons awareness of their impact on Dolores Park’s lawns, paths and plantings and their power to leave the park better then they found it.

To promote Gov 2.0 effective communication, engagement and accountability best practices between park patrons and city officials.

  • Through example, dialogue and critique, DPWorks will continuing to encourage Government to Gov. 2.0 best practices.